SOCKEE sock set

The SOCKEE sock aid is a unique device, developed to assist anyone with difficulty bending down to put on and take off socks, perform this task in an independent, easy and safe method. The principle of operation of this patented product keeps the user's torso straight and painless and allows for maximum comfort and extended flexibility during the basic action of putting on and taking off socks.
Smart and effective with a fashionable and sporty look, the premium quality SOCKEE sock aid is an invaluable device for every home. Pick out your favorite color today and get your socks on!

Please read our size guide below in order to choose the right size for you.

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Sock set Includes:

High quality cotton socks in tones of grey and black.
For men and women

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Sockee sock aid Size Guide

Choose from two sizes to span different shoe sizes.
Kids -  all shoe sizes  
Men’s shoe size up to 10 (6-10)
Women’s shoe size up to 11 ( 4-11)

Max. feet width is 4"

Men’s shoe size 10.5 + (10.5-15)
Women's shoe size 11.5 + (11.5-above)

Max feet width is 5''

If you are suffering from swollen ankles or swollen feet you should consider choosing the Large Sockee