with SOCKEE, it's easy again.


SOCKEE benefits and features:

Simple device for sock donning

No bending required - keeps user torso straight and painless

Comfortable multi-functional handle assembly provides easy use for both legs

Smart multi-function handle - sock doffer and shoe horn

Multiple sizes - suited to users' foot and sock size

Lightweight and compact - travels wherever you need it

High-end, sporty design

Premium quality

US patent No. 7364056 & additional patent pending

The Sockee is a unique device, developed to assist anyone incapable of bending down
to put on and take off socks perform this task in an independent and safe method.

The principle of operation of this patented product allows the user maximum comfort and extended fexibility during the basic action of putting on and taking off socks. This lightweight device is equipped with a multifunctional handle, which allows the user freedom of movement and simple operation. In order to reach optimal performance, we have developed three sizes suitable all shoe sizes. The Sockee has been developed to go with you wherever required, such as the country club, golfng and family outings.Its smart and effective design, modern and fashionable look, unique colors and premium production quality, makes The Sockee a viable product, desired in every home.

Easy to use handle

The Sockee multifunctional handle attached to the Sockee doffer tip
povides easy sock removal and acts as an ideal shoehorn.