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Putting socks on and taking them off…

A task, considered easy by most, may become a major obstacle to people with mobility issues. The Sockee device is designed to assist people get their socks on and off independently, simply and safely. The Sockee has been designed and developed especially for those who have difficulty reaching down to put their socks on.
Sockee sock aid is a lightweight and smartly designed, high quality portable device. It can be used at home, at the health club or wherever else you want to take it. All that is needed is a chair with legs, a small raised flat area to place the Sockee sock aid on (like a side table, bench or ottoman) and a pair of socks. The Sockee sock aid is easy to use and allows for maximum comfort and extended flexibility.  Its multi functional handle and tip becomes both the Sockee sock aid Shoe Horn and Sock Remover as well. With a variety of colors and two sizes to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect fit!
You care about the environment and so do we. That's why The Sockee sock aid device is eco-friendly and does not contain any paint. It comes in a compact, environmentally friendly package carefully designed to reduce shipping volume and carbon footprint so your values won't be compromised by purchasing this product.