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 Verified Buyer    Raymond Schneider
“This is a very clever device. Kudos to the inventor and designer for making it so useful. I can finally put my own socks on without having to depend on my wife.”

 Verified Buyer    Roger Joiner
“You have no idea how nice it is to be able to wear socks again. The product is very reliable and works great!”

 Verified Buyer    Leah Stoll
“Sockee works very well. I am have no help so most of the time my feet were cold. Now they are warm. Love it.”

 Verified Buyer    Larry Eich
“You have made life so much more enjoyable, you just don't know how much easier it is to put socks on your feet when you get old and not be able to put socks on with out help from some one else thanks so much”

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