User guide


Sockee sock aid assists you in getting your socks on and taking them off, independently. Sockee sock aid is a device for anyone with mobility issues.

Although Sockee sock aid is easy to use, it might take some time finding the most comfortable way to use it. Please be patient, take your time, and if necessary, try to use a different chair or different socks. Once you get used to Sockee sock aid, your quality of life is going to change…


The Sockee sock aid device is not suitable for people with stability or balance problems, or people who require support and/or assistance sitting, standing or walking.


  1. A chair with accessible legs
  2. Your socks. Socks should be clean and dry. For best results It is recommended to use socks that are no longer than 10” length (heel to top). Preferably use cotton or woolen socks. The Sockee is less effective with thin nylon socks and will not work with nylon stockings.
  3. A table or stool to rest the Sockee device on We invite you to visit to view the Sockee user instructions video and additional material.

Open the box and remove the Sockee sock aid device, handle and the accessories.
Attach the handle to the base by pressing the button, until it clicks. The Sockee device is now ready for use.    
Raise the Sockee arm to an upright position. Place the sock over the Sockee arm so that the heel of the sock faces inwards towards you.
Compress the sock up to the upper half of the arm
If necessary, adjust the hook to a convenient length. (You may need to use the Sockee a few times to find the hook’s ideal position suited to you). Lower the Sockee arm to a horizontal position, hold the handle and lower the Sockee to the floor. Anchor the hook around a chair leg, in order to stop it moving.

While sitting comfortably upright on the chair, move the Sockee arm with your leg to face the outer side of the chair. Pull your leg back slightly around the outer side of the chair, and slide your foot into the sock. As your heel reaches the edge of the Sockee arm, raise your foot slightly then push down while flexing your foot. (in case you are using long socks, finalize the action by puling the socks up with your hands).

Repeat steps 3-8 to put on your other sock.


Your kit includes a multifunction handle and special attachable tip. These will assist you take your socks off and to guide your foot into the shoe (shoe horn).

Use the following steps to use the Sockee tip.

  1. Remove the handle from the Sockee base by pressing the button on the base.
  2. Attach the Sockee tip by pressing its button.


Slide the Sockee tip down the back of your leg, between your calf and sock, and push the handle down until you have removed the sock.


Slide the Sockee shoe horn down between the heel of your foot and shoe lip, push your leg down until your foot slides into the shoe. Pull the Sockee shoe horn up and out of the shoe.