Here's what our customers are saying about the Sockee sock aid:

No more pain!

“I have been suffering from very bad arthritis and reaching my feet to wear socks has always been an agonizing experience. My wife heard about Sockee and bought the full kit for me to try. Honestly, the kit was a life-changing experience. Soon after I started using Sockee, I have not had to bend over again to pull up a sock. Removing shoes and socks with the shoehorn is equally easy. I’d recommend this to any other person who can’t bend over to pull up their socks.”
- Lawanda              


Easy to Use- A complete delight

“My wife recently had a hip-operation which left her back hurting every time she tried to bend to put on her stockings or take off  her shoes. I had to constantly help her get into her socks, and I could tell that this was a big blow to her self-esteem. After considering several alternatives, I ended up ordering the Sockee. Apart from its cool design, I liked the accessories (shoehorn), which would give her complete control over her dressing.”
- Galliot


Best Purchase Ever

“This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long, long time! The price is just right, the device is simple to use, and it works awesomely. I have reduced the amount of time I use to don my socks by a whole 5 minutes!”
- Graham


Five Stars- I Recommend

“I have a backache that can’t let me bend over to put on my socks. I have tried a number of other devices, but the Sockee is the only one that ultimately worked for me. I like its ease of use and the fact that it snugly fits in my backpack, allowing me to take it with me wherever I might need it.”
- Licina

"The SOCKEE has been great! It is not only easy to use, as advertised it has taken the pain away while putting on socks. This was a daily function I did not look forward to each day because of joint pain. With the SOCKEE, the pain is no longer and getting dressed and beginning the day is apleasure I look forward to each day."
The SOCKEE is light weight, easy to operate, even for a person with arthritis!
It enable the user to comfortably and easily put on socks and shoes without the pain. Thanks for allowing me to test this wonderful easy to use live saver.
- Dennis

Sockee arrived Wednesday afternoon via UPS.
I watched the video a couple of times before my Sockee arrived.  I felt a little awkward at first but after a couple of trials, was fairly adept at getting my socks on and off.
My mother was visiting for Thanksgiving holiday and I had her give it a try – she’s 85 years old.  She did pretty well with being coached; Her attempts were successful and she had no problems using The Sockee.
 - Russ