Quick Facts about the Causes and Relief for Chronic Back Pain

Our lifestyles today expose us to a number of problems. One common lifestyle related problem today is low back pain. When such pain on the lumbar region is experienced for long, it is then considered chronic. The problem can appear as bone pain, pain in the nerves or muscle pain.

Back pain is prevalent in various continents with the United States stats indicating that at least 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any particular time. And is a major cause of absenteeism from in many countries.

Causes of Chronic back pain

Several factors may cause chronic low back pain. Injuries from sports are a major culprit. But this only affects a small group of people, the sports community across the world. Ironically, this group is only affected during the period of injury, after which they recover perfectly and keep on with their sporting life.

There are however millions of people who are not involved in strenuous physical tasks that are serious victims of chronic back pain. The sedentary life that people live today is a primary cause of the pain. While the human body structure is designed to shift from one thing to another, remaining stationary for a long time at the same position puts a lot of pressure on the back and eventually makes it start to ache.

People who spend their professional lives on the computer are at a greater danger. They are more disposed to slouch over the machines and may not realize that the posture is hurting their spine. With time, they may start complaining of back issues that gradually become serious back pain.

Other factors that increase the risk of chronic back pain include obesity, emotional and psychological stress, inactivity and poor physical conditioning. Hidden diseases such as osteoporosis have also been identified as serious causes of back pain. This problem becomes one way through which the silent diseases become noticeable.

Relief from chronic back pain

The fortunate thing about back pain is that it can always disappear in a couple of days or weeks and may not stay for long. But when it takes longer- say three months or more to heal by itself then it cannot be taken lightly. Prescription drugs are normally administered for such patients of chronic back pain.

These drugs have however received their share of criticisms. They are said to be saddled with severe side effects that may be life-threatening. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are argued to put the patient at risk of stroke, heart attack and a good many other dangers, yet they are some of the most commonly prescribed painkillers in the market.

There are a lot of safe and utterly effective alternatives to prescription drugs that you should consider. You may need a little patience with some of them, but they pay off as the results are lasting and dependable.

These alternatives include massage, chiropractic care, yoga, Neuro-Structural Integration Technique (NST). And physical exercises for back pain.

Some healthcare providers will often recommend bed rest as therapy for back pain. But most of the chronic cases are majorly caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The best solution should be one that counters that lifestyle and keeps you on the move.

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