Preparing for a Hip Replacement Surgery - All You Need To Do

Hip replacement surgery is a life changing step. And as with any major surgery, you will need adequate preparation both physically and psychologically. You will need the moral and material support of your family.

Such procedures impact not just the person undergoing them but the people around as well. Your friends and family must be concerned about how it will be after you are operated on. They need to be prepared as well before you undergo the actual procedure. They will also be in a better position to support you if they have sufficient preparation.

Most of all, the physical condition of your house and the entire homestead may determine just how fast you recuperate. Hip replacement surgery is hardly ever an emergency. So you will often have adequate time to contemplate the situation as it is to be after your surgery. Keep in mind that you will not be as briskly in motion as you currently are, at least not for a while after the surgery.

Take the time to prepare your house to its optimum before you undertake the procedure. These preparations may help speed your recovery after your surgery. A suitable environment will also reduce your stress levels during your recovery.

Examine the surrounding by taking a walk around the house, looking for potential problems. Be sure to identify risky areas.

Hip replacement operation

The hip replacement surgery is a procedure that involves surgically removing a painful hip joint affected by arthritis and replacing it with an artificial joint. The artificial hip joint is often made from plastic and metal components. The procedure is usually done as a last resort when all other options of treatment have failed to provide sufficient relief from pain.

The surgery can be performed in two different approaches. The doctor can follow the traditional approach or use a minimally-invasive technique. The key difference between these two procedures is the extent of the incision.

Pre-surgery steps to take for safety and convenience after surgery

You will be taking the hip replacement surgery to enjoy a pain-free experience that comes after acquiring your new arthritis free hip.

Begin by the simple things: remove any rugs and small items from the floor. You will need free movement around as you recover. Also, ensure you tape down any electrical cords and wires that might cause injury.

Rearrange your furniture to leave wider pathways that will conveniently accommodate crutches, a wheelchair or walker. Set up your bedroom on the ground floor for stress-free access. You may have to learn the art of climbing up and down any stairs afresh.

Ensure you have all the things you frequently use on lower shelves and within arm’s reach.

Buy and install an elevated toilet seat if you don’t already have one.

Prepare a place where you will spend most of your time. Allocate an appropriate chair with a phone, remote control, TV and reading materials in place.

The idea is to reduce any movements that might expose you to the risk of hurting your recuperating hip. Minimize all movements that involve bending. Find alternatives to necessities that may force you to bend, such as wearing shoes and socks. Buy Sockee to use when putting on taking off your socks without any help. This revolutionary solution is designed to improve the lives of everyone with motion problems. 

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