Mommies’ Health - Recovery from Caesar Surgery

The feeling of having a newborn baby can be both euphoric and overwhelming. For a mommy who has delivered her baby through caesarean operation, it is apparent that you will be recovering from a major abdominal surgery. At the same time, you will be handling typical postnatal issues like mood swings, engorged breasts, and vaginal discharge.

You should also be prepared for the baby blues. These are a mild form of depression that affects as many as 70 to 80 percent of new mums. The blues usually begins on the third or the fourth day after birth. They are as a result of hormonal change reactions the body experiences following the birth.

The period after a caesarean surgery requires a certain level of care to experience a quick and smooth recovery process.

Just like in any surgery, you are likely to experience some physical pain. You may feel for instance that you cannot do anything by yourself. Even small movements may become difficult and cause throbbing spasms. At this time, you may find it hard to shift on bed and moving up may require something hold on to, or someone to help out.

It will hurt when you laugh, and you may feel scissoring sensations when you cough. Some simple acts will make the laugh and cough experience a little more bearable, such as supporting your wound with a pillow or your hands.

What you can do to ease the discomfort and aid your recovery

Wear cotton underwear and loose clothes. Wearing knickers of a size bigger than your normal one will be a good idea. Boxer shorts or special knickers prepared from stretchy gauze that allow quality space over your scar will help ease the pain. The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) have some designed for this purpose.

You will also need a proper, well-balanced diet. A recovering body needs vitamins and enhanced immunity. Eat as soon as you feel hungry and drink immediately you feel thirsty.

Take plenty of water and supply your diet with a lot of fiber-rich foods to help prevent constipation. Be sure to get peppermint water from your nurses to soothe the pain caused by trapped wind associated with surgery.

Monitor your wound for any suspicious signs of infection. Watch out for discharge, extra soreness or redness. Alert your doctor or midwife as soon as you spot any of these signs.

Keep your wound clean by washing and drying as directed daily. You can shower or take a bath and use soap on it as long as you rinse it off. Gently pat dry your wound with a clean towel.

Correct your posture by avoiding hunching or bending as these may cause backache. Try to observe an upright posture when sitting and when standing. Look for help on any incidences that could force you to bend. You may consider wearing slip-ons that do not require a lot of effort to put on the feet. Also, if you want to wear socks, use Sockee to wear and remove them. This revolutionary new solution will enable you to wear your socks with your back in its recommended upright posture.

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